Industrial & Commercial Water Treatment Consulting in the Tampa Bay Area

Water Treatment Consulting Tampa FL

Proper water treatment is a critical aspect of any industrial or commercial facility’s maintenance plan. For example, in non-potable water systems, such as cooling towers and boilers, water treatment prevents scale, corrosion, and biological fouling that can result in soaring water and energy costs as well as equipment failures that can be costly to repair. The same can be said for potable water systems, which, if left untreated, also carry the risk of developing harmful pathogens like Legionella. Implementing an effective water treatment program can be complex, which is why so many businesses in the Tampa Bay area turn to R2J for water treatment consulting. Whether you need to address issues with your water-using equipment or you are looking to implement an effective treatment program right away with a new-construction facility, you can count on our experts to provide complete and tailored solutions.

Water Treatment Consulting from R2J

R2J has been providing water treatment services in the Tampa Bay area since 1982. Our unparalleled experience with the local water supply makes us the go-to source for water treatment consulting in the region. When you partner with us, we can provide you with invaluable resources and education that is tailored to your specific facility. Staffed with a team of highly qualified technicians and Certified Water Technologists (CWTs), R2J is the perfect company to address all of your water-related concerns.

A Complete Selection of Industrial & Commercial Water Treatment Services

Beyond water treatment consulting, R2J offers comprehensive services. This removes the burden from your maintenance team and ensures your projects are completed the right way. We offer water treatment for everything from cooling towers and boilers to potable water systems and can even provide comprehensive water safety plans, including Legionella testing, remediation, and prevention. What’s more, our services are customized for each client, which not only ensures effective results, but also allows us to take on all or part of your water treatment program.

For more information about the water treatment consulting services that R2J provides in the Tampa Bay area, contact us today.

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“Your technician has kept our on site maintenance man well informed and up to date on any concerns that he may have with regard to the systems. It has been a pleasure to have him as our service technician and hopefully we will continue this relationship for some time to come.”

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“Just completed our annual chiller inspections and wanted to let you know the condenser tubes looked great. The mechanical contractor who punched the tubes also commented on the condition of the tubes and stated you are doing a great job with the water treatment.”

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