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Cooling Tower Water Treatment Tampa Bay

Having a proper cooling tower water treatment program in place is essential for all commercial properties. Typically, a commercial air conditioning system will circulate water to remove heat from refrigerant, enabling the system to provide cool air. However, because the water is constantly changing due to evaporation loss, minerals can accumulate, resulting in scale, corrosion, and blockages in the system’s heat exchangers and piping. This is especially true of facilities in the Tampa Bay area, where the water supply is rife with impurities and a high strain is placed on AC systems throughout the year. Without treatment, it is only a matter of time before the AC system stops working properly.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment from R2J

R2J has been providing water treatment for cooling systems since 1982, giving us an unrivaled level of experience. In fact, we are the preferred water treatment company for EVAPCO – one of the largest manufacturers of cooling towers for commercial properties across the globe – which speaks to our reliability and expertise. Whether your AC system isn’t working properly or you’d simply like to take preventive measures, R2J will provide an effective solution that accounts for the local water supply and is tailored to your specific equipment. This will prevent mineral accumulation, minimize corrosion, and prevent Legionella bacteria growth, all while ensuring your AC system maintains optimal efficiency.

What’s more, you can expect R2J to handle every aspect of your cooling tower water treatment. Our Certified Water Technologies (CWTs) will develop a tailored treatment process that may include physically cleaning your cooling tower, applying water softeners, providing ongoing maintenance solutions, and more.

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What Are Cooling Towers and How Do They Work?

Cooling towers on Tampa Bay area facilities utilize the principles of heat exchange to reduce the temperature of water that circulates through an industrial system. Water that enters the cooling tower is heated due to industrial processes. The system then allows the water to come into contact with air, which results in small amounts of evaporation, thereby reducing the temperature. This water can then be redirected to equipment, such as industrial cooling systems.

Why Do Cooling Towers Require Water Treatment?

Cooling towers cause water evaporation by design. As stated above, the cycle of replacing water that is lost during this process can result in scale, corrosion, and blockages. But how exactly does this happen? Primarily, it is due to the quality of the water being fed into the system. Impurities, such as magnesium and calcium, which are abundant in the Tampa-area’s water supply, can collect in piping and reduce its volume. Aside from the corrosion that these impurities can cause over time, narrowed piping can increase the pressure within a system, resulting in degraded performance and, eventually, equipment damage.

What Does a Cooling Tower Water Treatment System Entail?

A cooling tower water treatment system is a set of technologies that are used to address problematic impurities in your water supply and control levels of alkalinity, chlorides, sulfates, silica, iron, organic matter, dissolved solids, and much more. However, proper treatment varies widely depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • The type of cooling tower your facility uses
  • The quality of the water circulating through your system
  • Local regulations that may impact treatment method and discharge

R2J performs extensive testing that enables us to develop a custom industrial water treatment solution, ensuring excellent results. And, having served Tampa-area businesses since 1982, we are deeply informed of all regulations around the proper treatment of cooling towers.

If you’d like to learn more about the steps that R2J takes to ensure proper cooling tower water treatment for our clients in the Tampa Bay area, contact us today. Also, ask about the chilled water systems treatment solutions we offer.

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