Legionella Testing & Additional Water Safety Measures for Properties in the Tampa Bay Area

A lab worker wearing blue gloves holds a petree dish to test a sample for Legionella.

Is the water in your industrial or commercial building safe? If you haven’t implemented a water treatment and water safety program, there is really no way to tell. In the Tampa Bay area, one common water safety issue is Legionella. This waterborne pathogen can cause a potentially deadly form of pneumonia and spreads through aerosolized potable water. If you have water quality concerns at your facility, a great place to start is with Legionella testing from R2J.

The Legionella Testing Process

R2J is an experienced provider of Legionella testing, risk assessment, and remediation in the Tampa Bay area. We leverage our partnership with CDC-Elite certified labs to quickly and accurately assess water samples in our clients’ facilities. Our partners use Legionella culture, which is the gold standard for Legionella testing. Plus, qPCR rapid testing is also available to quickly identify Legionella levels.

Robust Water Management Plans

Beyond Legionella testing for Tampa Bay area commercial and industrial facilities, R2J uses the Legionella Assessment and Management Plan Support (LAMPS®). This is a cloud-based software solution designed to monitor and manage contamination risk. Using LAMPS, R2J can create tailored water safety programs along with detailed reporting.

Additionally, R2J offers an array of Legionella remediation and long-term prevention services. For example, we can provide water disinfection services as well as ongoing treatment with the highly effective monochloramine disinfection system.

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To learn more about the Legionella testing, prevention, and remediation solutions we offer in the Tampa Bay area, contact R2J today.

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