Choosing the Right Chemicals for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling tower water treatment programs are essential for commercial buildings, as untreated water can hurt an air conditioning system’s efficiency and lead to costly repairs and system breakdowns. For a cooling tower water treatment plan to be effective, it needs to be tailored to the …

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The Impact of Water Quality on Commercial HVAC Systems

If you want your building’s HVAC equipment to perform reliably year after year, good water quality must be maintained throughout the system, especially in the chillers and cooling towers. Proper water quality is key to the performance of an evaporative cooling system, as it allows …

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Basics of Safe & Effective Commercial Boiler Operation

A commercial boiler is an essential component in many industrial and commercial facilities, providing heat and hot water for a range of applications. However, without proper maintenance and water treatment, boilers can become a source of contamination and risk to building occupants. In this blog, …

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Cooling Tower Cleaning: What it is & Why it’s Important

Keeping cooling towers clean is an important part of any commercial or industrial building’s maintenance plan. Cooling towers use evaporative cooling, which means water must be constantly replenished. And this steady stream of new water brings impurities. Routine cleaning will prevent the spread of potentially …

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Your Guide to Cooling Tower Water Treatment & Maintenance

Cooling towers are critical parts of HVAC systems in commercial and industrial buildings. When they’re operating inefficiently, they can raise water and energy costs and increase the risk of breakdowns that can interfere with business operations and require costly repairs. The following guide to cooling …

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of a Water Treatment Program

For owners and managers of commercial buildings, it can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of a water treatment program. There are many different factors to account for, and measurement criteria can change depending on the specific service or set of services you are receiving. …

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How to Remediate Legionella

You’ve had a Legionella test performed in your commercial or industrial building and the results indicated that unsafe concentrations of this pathogen are present in your water supply. It’s an unfortunate situation, but one that you need to act on quickly to prevent any of …

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What is the Different Between a Cooling Tower & a Chiller?

Cooling towers and air-cooled chillers serve similar purposes—to cool air or equipment. Both systems achieve this through circulating water; however, there are subtle differences in how these pieces of equipment operate that can impact their application and the appropriate water treatment strategy. Chillers are closed-loop …

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How to Prevent Legionella in Commercial Water Systems

Did you know that roughly 50% of all commercial building water systems contain Legionella? Not all Legionella contamination is considered unsafe; however, under the right conditions, the bacteria can easily multiply and pose a serious risk to a building’s occupants. To keep potable water systems …

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How to Choose a Commercial Water Treatment Company

Unlike many maintenance tasks required for commercial and industrial buildings, water treatment is best left to a specialized provider. Whether for cooling towers, boilers, or potable water systems, water treatment is an intricate process that requires expertise to effectively implement and maintain. How can you …

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I want to offer my compliments to the work that your service technician has done over the past two years here. Not only has he provided outstanding service on a regular basis, but his ongoing conscie…
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