How to Choose a Commercial Water Treatment Company

Unlike many maintenance tasks required for commercial and industrial buildings, water treatment is best left to a specialized provider. Whether for cooling towers, boilers, or potable water systems, water treatment is an intricate process that requires expertise to effectively implement and maintain. How can you …

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How to Increase Cooling Tower Efficiency

Your business’ cooling tower is a critical part of your operations, serving to keep your space comfortable and playing a key role in spaces that require carefully calibrated climate control and refrigeration. Like any piece of equipment, cooling towers require ongoing maintenance to continue operating …

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CDC Vital Signs – Legionnaires’ Disease

CDC investigations of building-associated outbreaks show the most common places for getting the disease are hotels, long-term care facilities, and hospitals.  Read more –

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CDC reports “Rising Incidence of Legionnaires’ Disease”

We thought you would like to know that the CDC reported “Rising Incidence of Legionnaires’ Disease” in this month’s issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases. Six key takeaways: From 2002 to 2018, the average annual increase in age-standardized incidence of Legionnaires’ disease was 9.3%. Overall, incidence …

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World Vision Global 6K for Water

Join us and people from all around the world as we come together to walk, run, or roll a 6K on the same day, for the same cause: clean water.   When is it?  Saturday, May 21, 2022   Why 6K?  6 kilometers (3.73 miles) …

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How Does Legionella Get into Water?

Legionella is a waterborne pathogen that can cause a potentially deadly form of pneumonia called Legionnaires disease. In commercial and industrial buildings, Legionella spreads through contaminated potable water. This can be caused by aspirating small amounts of drinking water or, more commonly, inhaling aerosolized droplets …

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How to Maintain a Cooling Tower & Why It’s Important

Cooling towers are complex machines that require ongoing maintenance to prevent potentially costly problems. For example, a lack of maintenance can result in scale, corrosion, and biological fouling. Left unaddressed, such issues can result in skyrocketing energy and water usage as well as breakdowns that …

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What is the Difference Between Water Treatment & Water Filtration?

In the world of water treatment, there are many nuanced terms used by industry experts that may be confusing to commercial and industrial property owners. The distinction between water filtration and water treatment is one such example. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between …

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How Does a Commercial Water Treatment System Work?

The term “water treatment” can mean different things to different people. For homeowners, water treatment is mostly about improving the taste of drinking water and possibly removing some harmful impurities. However, for commercial and industrial purposes, water treatment is much more involved. In such applications, …

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I just wanted to thank you for the good work your company is doing. Our mechanical contractor has just completed an annual on our chillers and once again he commented on how clean the tubes looked. …
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