What is a corrosion inhibitor

Corrosion in piping and water-using equipment is a common and significant problem for industrial and commercial businesses. If left unaddressed, corrosion can quickly result in breakdowns as well as skyrocketing energy and water bills that put pressure on your operating budget. Fortunately, there are a …

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Why Do Industrial Companies Need Water Treatment Systems?

Proper water treatment should always be top of mind for industrial companies. Water might be used and recycled for a variety of processes, such as manufacturing, and must be properly treated to remove impurities. This not only ensures that the water is well suited for …

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I have to admit that I was impressed on both projects by your on time responses, the quality of your water treatment, your professional paperwork and especially your customer service. With most w…
Nick PlaninProject ManagerB & I Contractors, Inc.
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“I want to offer my compliments to the work that your service technician has done over the past two years here. Not only has he provided outstanding service on a regular basis, but his ongoing conscience efforts to maintain the cooling tower and domestic water system have brought compliments to my attention from our pump service and air-conditioning service companies. ”