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Potable Water Treatment Tampa BayWhen it comes to the minimizing corrosion in your residential or commercial facility in the Tampa Bay area, you don’t want to take any risks. After all, lapses in proper potable water treatment can result not only in costly corrosion and mineral accumulation, but also the growth of bacteria, such as Legionella, that can harm the health of a building’s occupants. To ensure your potable water remains safe, turn to the experts at R2J. We have more than three decades of experience providing comprehensive water treatment services, and all of our projects are overseen by highly experienced and trained Certified Water Technologists (CWTs). Plus, we have in-depth knowledge of the local water supply, enabling us to provide exceptionally effective solutions.

Our Potable Water Treatment Process

When you partner with R2J, we’ll provide turnkey services, handling every aspect of your water treatment and providing services that are tailored to your property. Our comprehensive programs can include:

  • Corrosion control of potable water systems
  • Legionella testing and water management plans
  • Legionella remediation with our Sanipur Sanikill programs
  • Ion exchange and water softening systems
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Deposit analysis
  • Corrosion failure analysis

We’ll efficiently and accurately diagnose any problem you’re experiencing with your potable water and provide effective treatment as well as implement preventive measures to eliminate the occurrence of common problems. And, if you ever do experience a sudden problem with your potable water, you can rest assured it’ll be handled quickly, as we’re typically able to provide service within two hours of being contacted.

For more information about the potable water treatment services that we provide to residential and commercial properties in the Tampa Bay area, contact R2J today.

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“Just a quick note to let you know that we are very pleased with the service your company provides for us and our cooling tower systems. Your technician is always here according to schedule and is attentive to our needs. Anything I need from your company is just a phone call away. I appreciate the fact that the service your company provides gives me on less thing to worry about.”

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“Let me start off by saying what a marvelous job your company has done in caring for our cooling tower. In the five years I have been supervisor, I have never had to worry once about whether the cooling tower was being properly cared for.”

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