R2J Offers Green Water Treatment Solutions for Environmentally Conscious Businesses in the Tampa Bay Area & Neighboring Regions

Green Water TreatmentWhen treating cooling towers, boilers, and other water systems, it’s possible to effectively control scale, corrosion, and bacterial growth while still looking out for the environment. At R2J, we proudly offer two green water treatment products – Smart Release® and Silver Bullet – that deliver outstanding results. Unlike a traditional approach to water treatment, which would require you to apply liquid chemicals to your water systems on a regular basis, these green water treatment products will keep your systems operating at optimal efficiency while being safer and more environmentally friendly.

Smart Release®

With traditional water treatment, the use of liquid chemicals entails a risk of spills and other safety issues. However, by having your building outfitted with a Smart Release® system, you can have all of your water treatment completed with dry tablets that are much easier and safer to handle. Smart Release® tablets simply need to be placed in the system’s feeder baskets, which water will flow through, slowly releasing the chemical over the course of 30 days. Since the product doesn’t require electric pumps like many other systems do, it can save you money in your monthly electricity costs. And, because 100 lbs. of Smart Release® is equal to 600 lbs. of traditional liquid chemicals, there’s far less packing and shipping weight and, therefore, a carbon footprint reduction of 74 percent, making this a highly environmentally friendly option for water treatment.

Silver Bullet

Among businesses that use cooling towers and similar setups for their air conditioning systems, the norm is to maintain this equipment using liquid chemicals. Silver Bullet is an innovative green water treatment system that uses a powerful EPA-recognized disinfection method to eliminate the need for chemical applications. The system works by pulling in air and sending it through sleeves equipped with UV lamps and patented components. This process generates highly reactive hydroxyl and oxygen free radicals, which oxidize contaminants in water and kill bacteria. Silver Bullet also helps to chip away at calcium buildup to prevent scaling on surfaces within your water system. This will help your system stay cleaner and reduce your water and energy usage.

If you would like to learn more about our green water treatment solutions – or any of the other products that we offer – contact R2J today and schedule a free consultation. We’ll evaluate the systems in your Tampa Bay-area building and help you determine what treatment approach is most appropriate for you.

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