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Legionella TreatmentAs a building owner, you have certain responsibilities related to keeping your occupants safe. One way that you must ensure a healthy environment is by taking the necessary measures to prevent legionella outbreaks in your building’s water systems. Legionella is a bacterium found in both potable and non-potable water systems. This waterborne pathogen, which has received a great deal of attention recently due to a number of high-profile outbreaks, can result in Legionnaires’ disease, a serious and often life-threatening form of pneumonia. In fact, legionella has been deemed enough of a threat that certain facilities in the country, especially those that are occupied by seniors and other at-risk populations, are required to have a legionella water treatment plan in place.

Legionella can develop in your building in multiple ways. Because your cooling system is partially open to the atmosphere, legionella is able to enter the system, leaving your building vulnerable. However, legionella presents the greatest health risk in your potable water supply. It can infect people through fountains, sinks, showers, and other water features in your building. Fortunately, there are proven methods available for addressing existing legionella issues and minimizing future growth.

Legionella Water Treatment by R2J

As a water treatment company that has served a broad range of industrial, commercial, and institutional clients in the years since our founding in 1982, R2J is a trusted provider of legionella water treatment services. For these efforts, we’ve partnered with Special Pathogens Laboratory, a global leader in combating legionella. The ZEROutbreak Protection Program that we offer in conjunction with Special Pathogens Laboratory is a comprehensive treatment plan for assessing risk, testing water samples, and performing any necessary remediation or prevention services.

If treatment is deemed necessary in your building, we’ll install a Sanikill treatment system to bring your building’s legionella levels under control. This system utilizes monochloramine, a treatment chemical that works better than other disinfectants due to its highly stable nature, which enables the monochloramine to break through biofilms without damaging the plumbing in your building. We can seamlessly integrate this legionella management system into any existing water treatment program that you have in place, so you can continue your current practices without any major disruption.

To learn more about our legionella treatment and prevention programs, contact R2J today. We’re proud to provide proven water safety services to clients throughout the Tampa Bay area and surrounding regions.

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