CDC reports “Rising Incidence of Legionnaires’ Disease”

May 23, 2022

We thought you would like to know that the CDC reported “Rising Incidence of Legionnaires’ Disease” in this month’s issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Six key takeaways:

  • From 2002 to 2018, the average annual increase in age-standardized incidence of Legionnaires’ disease was 9.3%.
  • Overall, incidence increased more than 5-fold for all age groups above 34 years.
  • The largest increase occurred during 2016–2018.
  • The 65–74-year age group had the largest number of average annual reported cases.
  • The age-standardized average incidence was more than 25% higher among Black or African American persons than White persons.
  • The Northeast region of the US had the highest age-standardized average incidence.

You can get the full report – “Rising Incidence of Legionnaires’ Disease and Associated Epidemiologic Patterns, United States, 1992–2018” – at

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