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Many businesses in the Tampa Bay area rely on EVAPCO for cooling towers and closed-loop cooling systems, and for good reason. EVAPCO is North America’s largest cooling tower manufacturer and has long maintained a reputation for engineering reliable and innovative products that deliver efficient cooling. However, even the industry’s best cooling technology needs to be actively maintained to ensure it continues to operate at peak efficiency. This includes a proper water treatment program administered by professionals who are familiar with EVAPCO equipment

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When you choose R2J to provide water treatment for your EVAPCO cooling tower or closed-loop cooling system, the program will be handled with the utmost skill and precision. In fact, we are EVAPCO’s Factory Authorized – Water Systems Service Partner, so you can be sure that the project is in the most capable hands.

At R2J, we have served Tampa-area businesses since 1982, giving us special insight into local water conditions that allow us to provide highly effective solutions. What’s more, we provide complete turnkey services—you can rely on us to handle every aspect of an ongoing EVAPCO water treatment program or just a part of it. By offering tailored solutions, we’ll control corrosion, scale, and biological fouling. This will not only prevent surges in your properties water and energy usage, but will also protect your equipment from costly premature failures.

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To learn more about why you should trust the experts at R2J with your EVAPCO water treatment program, contact us today. We are proud to serve businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

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“I want to offer my compliments to the work that your service technician has done over the past two years here. Not only has he provided outstanding service on a regular basis, but his ongoing conscience efforts to maintain the cooling tower and domestic water system have brought compliments to my attention from our pump service and air-conditioning service companies. ”

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We’ll perform all the work needed to maintain your systems, making the experience effortless for you.

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Our Certified Water Technologists have the knowledge needed to address any water treatment problems you face.

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We’ll tailor our products for your local water conditions to ensure the best possible results.

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“Your technician has kept our on site maintenance man well informed and up to date on any concerns that he may have with regard to the systems. It has been a pleasure to have him as our service technician and hopefully we will continue this relationship for some time to come.”

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