The Importance of Cooling Tower Maintenance for Tampa Bay Area Businesses

An cooling tower on an industrial property.Rising energy costs. Surging water usage. Equipment breakdowns. These are all expensive issues that businesses in the Tampa Bay area will inevitably have to deal with if they don’t properly maintain their cooling towers. Fortunately, cooling tower maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult, and a little prevention can go a long way.

Steps for Proper Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling towers should be regularly inspected to identify common issues. For example, key components can be affected by biological fouling, corrosion, and/or scale, causing them to operate inefficiently. It’s important to clean any buildup on components such as cooling tower fans, basins, and drift eliminators. If any parts have been compromised, they should be repaired or replaced promptly.

Additionally, it’s important to put a maintenance plan in place that aligns with manufacturer specifications for your cooling tower. Requirements will vary; however, they will typically entail lubricating parts, such as motors, fans, and pumps, as well as regularly cleaning strainers.

Prevention is the Best Maintenance

The best way to maintain your cooling tower is to prevent corrosion, scale, and other common problems from occurring in the first place. To achieve this, a robust water treatment program is a must. At R2J, we offer flexible, turnkey cooling tower water treatment solutions, including custom chemical formulations, to control alkalinity, chlorides, sulfates, silica, iron, organic matter, dissolved solids, and much more. Our services are 100% customized, so you can count on our team of experts to account for the type of cooling tower your facility uses, the quality of water being fed into the system, and any local regulations.

To learn more about why preventive water treatment from R2J is the best way to maintain the cooling tower at your facility in the Tampa Bay area, contact us today.

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“I want to offer my compliments to the work that your service technician has done over the past two years here. Not only has he provided outstanding service on a regular basis, but his ongoing conscience efforts to maintain the cooling tower and domestic water system have brought compliments to my attention from our pump service and air-conditioning service companies. ”

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