Choosing the Right Chemicals for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

May 19, 2023

Cooling tower on a commercial roof

Cooling tower water treatment programs are essential for commercial buildings, as untreated water can hurt an air conditioning system’s efficiency and lead to costly repairs and system breakdowns. For a cooling tower water treatment plan to be effective, it needs to be tailored to the local water supply. Municipalities utilize a variety of water treatment methods, so the quality of the water entering cooling towers can vary greatly.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

The chemicals that are used as part of your building’s cooling tower water treatment plan should effectively reduce scale, corrosion, and system blockages. Some of the chemicals that may be utilized include:

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

Scale inhibitors prevent the degradation of your cooling tower by preventing scale formation in the system.

pH Adjusters

Alkalinity adjusters can help reduce degradation in a cooling tower by regulating pH levels so corrosion isn’t accelerated.


It’s also important that you control microbiological growth through the use of algaecides and biocides. Combined with dispersants, these chemicals will help prevent the bio-corrosion that can occur under slime deposits.

The Tampa Bay Area’s Cooling Tower Water Treatment Specialists

Since 1982, R2J Chemical Services has been providing turnkey cooling tower water treatment for commercial and industrial clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. We provide tailored solutions that ensure excellent results, and we always make the process as safe and effective as possible. We also have a large team of professionals, which allows us to provide exceptionally fast turnaround times.

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