Effective Legionella Disinfection & Water Management Plans for Buildings in the Tampa Bay Area

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Keeping the occupants of your commercial or industrial building safe is your first and most important responsibility as a building owner or manager. This encompasses many obligations, from maintaining comfortable temperatures and adequate lighting to preventing disease transmission. One threat that is becoming more and more common in properties in the Tampa Bay area of Florida is Legionella—a waterborne pathogen that can cause a potentially deadly form of pneumonia. If present in unsafe levels in your building’s water supply, it’s critical to perform Legionella disinfection to prevent an outbreak. At R2J, this is one of our specialties.

The Legionella Disinfection Process

Legionella can take hold in commercial and industrial buildings for a variety of reasons. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many buildings were left vacant, providing the perfect opportunity for Legionella to grow unimpeded.

Step one of Legionella disinfection is testing. The experts at R2J will need to determine Legionella levels in your potable water before devising a disinfection strategy. We use rigorous testing methods to ensure complete accuracy. We account for your building’s engineering specifications, local plumbing codes, and many other factors when creating Legionella disinfection plans.

R2J will introduce the right amount of disinfectant to your potable water and then flush out the system. We will then perform follow-up tests in multiple locations to ensure Legionella is no longer present at unsafe levels.

Implementing a Water Management Program

Legionella disinfection is a critical first step, but it doesn’t’ guarantee that these bacteria won’t return. At R2J, we proudly offer comprehensive Water Management Programs (WMPs), which are strongly recommended by the CDC. Utilizing the Legionella Assessment and Management Plan Support (LAMPS®) software solution, we can effectively monitor and manage the risk of waterborne pathogens. By implementing an ongoing water safety plan, you’ll ensure that you’re doing everything possible to keep your building’s occupants safe.

For more information about Legionella disinfection and water management programs from R2J, contact us today. We’re proud to be the premier water treatment company serving the Tampa Bay area since 1982.

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