Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment Solutions

Aug 23, 2023

A water treatment plant

In today’s environmentally conscious world, commercial and industrial facilities are increasingly recognizing the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices. Water treatment is no exception. As these facilities rely heavily on water for cooling towers, boilers, and potable water systems, implementing environmentally friendly water treatment solutions becomes a crucial step towards sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Water Treatment

Sustainable treatment methods can be implemented for:

  • Cooling towers – Traditional water treatment methods for cooling towers often involve harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. However, adopting environmentally friendly treatments like non-toxic scale inhibitors, bio-dispersants, and green biocides can effectively combat scale, corrosion, and biological fouling while ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  • Boilers – Embracing eco-conscious boiler water treatment solutions, such as environmentally friendly scale inhibitors and biodegradable corrosion inhibitors, not only ensures optimal boiler performance but also reduces chemical waste.
  • Potable water systems – Adopting eco-friendly water treatment solutions can help minimize the use of harmful chemicals while ensuring water quality and safety.

A Trusted Choice for Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment

R2J Chemical Services has been providing commercial water treatment services since 1982 and has taken the lead on environmentally friendly solutions. We offer two exceptional green water treatment options—Smart Release® and Silver Bullet. With Smart Release®, your water treatment is completed using dry tablets, eliminating the need for liquid chemicals. These tablets are placed in the system’s feeder baskets, slowly releasing the chemical over 30 days. The system doesn’t require electric pumps, saving on monthly electricity costs and reducing the carbon footprint by 74% compared to traditional liquid chemicals.

Silver Bullet uses an EPA-recognized disinfection method, eliminating the need for chemical applications. The system generates hydroxyl and oxygen free radicals through UV lamps, effectively oxidizing contaminants and killing bacteria. Silver Bullet also helps prevent scaling, reducing water and energy usage for a cleaner and more efficient water system. Both options are safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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“I have to admit that I was impressed on both projects by your on time responses, the quality of your water treatment, your professional paperwork and especially your customer service. With most water treatment companies you see them twice, once to drop off chemical and once to take the sample, then it is adios amigos see you on the next one. In your case you stay with the job and see it through to the very end. I look forward to working with you again and would highly recommend your services. ”