Cooling Tower Cleaning: What it is & Why it’s Important

Dec 27, 2022

Large cooling towers on top of a commercial building.Keeping cooling towers clean is an important part of any commercial or industrial building’s maintenance plan. Cooling towers use evaporative cooling, which means water must be constantly replenished. And this steady stream of new water brings impurities. Routine cleaning will prevent the spread of potentially harmful microorganisms and help increase the lifespan of your equipment.

Do Cooling Towers Need to Be Cleaned?

Impurities in water, such as suspended solids, can accumulate on moving parts as well as in piping and other components. Regularly cleaning these components will prevent issues, such as poor waterflow, that can impede performance and result in rising energy and water usage. It will also help to prevent premature equipment breakdown, which can result in significant savings on repair and replacement costs. Perhaps most importantly, cooling tower cleaning is necessary to prevent the spread of pathogens, such as Legionella, that can contaminate potable water systems and make your building’s occupants ill.

Cooling Tower Cleaning Procedures

Cooling tower cleaning is best left to professionals with specialized experience, as traditional methods, such as pressure washing, can often be ineffective or even destructive. Cleaning procedures will depend on your building’s engineering specifications, but often include the application of foaming detergents and biocides as well as vacuuming basins.

Reducing Cooling Tower Maintenance Through Water Treatment

The best way to keep cooling towers clean is to implement a robust cooling tower water treatment program that will prevent much of the buildup on components. In addition to addressing suspended solids, water treatment should also address water at the chemical level to prevent scale and corrosion.

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