Cooling Water

Improper water treatment in cooling water applications can have far-reaching and unexpected results.  Excessive energy consumption, high water and sewer charges and premature failure of cooling equipment are all a result of a poorly designed and monitored water treatment program.

Our water treatment programs:

  • Prevent mineral deposition
  • Minimize corrosion
  • Control biological fouling
  • Eliminate health risks associated with Legionella bacteria
  • Maximize savings by reducing bleed-off
  • Optimize cooling system efficiency

Boiler Water

Our boiler water treatment programs prevent scale and corrosion and keep your boilers running at peak efficiency.  We provide boiler treatment programs to customers ranging from large multi-boiler applications in food processing to small single boiler systems at your local dry cleaner.

Boiler systems and make-up water qualities differ from location to location, so it is important that your water treatment program be unique to your facility.  We provide everything you need from the pre-treatment equipment and chemical formulations, to feed equipment, controllers and related treatment accessories.

Potable Water

Corrosion of potable water plumbing causes leaks which result in costly water damage.  Our Potable Water Treatment Program controls corrosion and pinhole leaks and extends the life of your facilities domestic water systems.

Service and Testing

  • Legionella Water Management Plans
  • Legionella bacteria testing
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Condenser and boiler descaling
  • Tube brushing
  • Cooling tower cleaning
  • New system start-up and pre-cleaning
  • Corrosion coupon studies
  • Ion Exchange Resin replacement
  • Deposit analysis
  • Corrosion failure analysis
  • Thermal fluid (glycol antifreeze) analysis
  • Fiber-optic video inspections
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