Water Management Plans

ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 is now an ANSI standard – as of June 25, 2015.  ASHRAE Standard 188-2015:  Legionellosis:  Risk Management for Building Water Systems.  

The purpose of ASHRAE 188-2015 is to provide uniform practices to prevent Legionellosis associated with building water systems.  It establishes barriers to transmission of Legionella, implements sound maintenance procedures, and utilizes hazard control.

How will it impact you?  ASHRAE 188-2015 will require building facility management/owners to comply with the provisions of this standard.  With the adoption of ASHRAE 188-2015 you will be held accountable for safeguarding potable and utility water systems in your facility.

A Legionella Water Management plan helps you manage your plumbing systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains, and other building water systems to minimize Legionella bacteria.  The plan reduces the risk of disease for your employees, guests, patients and residents, while reducing your legal risk and protecting your organization’s image.

We are experienced plan providers and understand the requirements necessary to develop a Legionella Water Management Plan to meet this standard.

Contact us to learn more about ASHRAE Standard 188-2015, Legionella Water Management Plans and how we can help you minimize your exposure.

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